These are the teachings of the Mayan Healing Lineage with whom I study and work. Light Language is actually what psychic communication or thoughts look like when you slow it down enough (from faster than light speed) and are able to really look at it. It is a series of particular geometric shapes that have particular energies associated with them (known as sacred geometry) and particular colors that also have particular energies. So each shape tells you something and each color tells you something and when you combine the shapes and colors they make a statement. String those together (we call those "grids") and they tell a story so to speak. Just like when you put letters together to make words and words to make sentences and sentences to convey a message or to tell a story.

We all subconsciously know and read Light Language. We carry it in our light bodies (auras) and that is how we tend to gravitate towards and are attracted to like-minded or particular people. It is also how we recognize some people as really creepy and know to stay away from them. What we are doing is reading each other's Light Language.

What is taught in Light Language is in reality bringing this subconscious knowledge into the conscious mind so that we have full awareness of it and can use it with intention. Our old patterns or grids attract the same old energies over and over. This can cause you to keep experiencing the same scenarios, the same unpleasant lessons, and attracting the same kind of people again and again. With Light Language you can change your grids to attract what you desire in your life here and now rather than more of what you've manifested in the past.

A grid is like a prayer or a request that is written using sacred geometry and colored light, the language of thought. Grids attract energies. When we write grids we are letting God/ Creator/ the Universe/Source know exactly what we want in a way that is very clear. Particular shape and color combinations are chosen depending on what it is you want to manifest or create with that particular grid. There are rules and guidelines that are followed when writing grids, using information taught to me and that I have permission teach to others.
Gratitude, Healthy Boundaries, Self-esteem, Relationships, Health issues, Love, Cash, Whatever you choose to manifest or change!
Every time a 49-shape grid or 144-shape grid is written for an individual, a second grid is always written. The 2nd grid is a humanitarian or "God Grid". It is for something bigger than ourselves- environmental issues, abused children, endangered species, battered women, charitable causes etc. God Grids are written as a service to others and are automatically written every time a specific grid is requested. I tend to write humanitarian grids that are somehow connected with the energies of the personal grid. For example for a health grid for someone with a respiratory illness the God Grid was to clean the asbestos out of the old schools in San Antonio so the children will have clean air. Sometimes people have a particular "cause" or charity that they want their God Grid written for and some have me choose the topic. The God Grid is our reminder to not be so self-absorbed, to show compassion for those less fortunate than we are, and to always be grateful for our many blessings.
What kind of things can grids be written for?
No previous knowledge of sacred geometry is required to study Light Language or to have a grid written for you. People who have previously studied sacred geometry find these Mayan teachings fascinating. I really love Light Language and have found that the more fluent I become the more it reveals itself to me at higher levels! It is an incredibly useful tool that is fun and very user friendly.
Interested in adding Light Language to your tool box?

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"The most recent grid was for cash flow and business growth. At that time, we had a very difficult financial situation as I had several openings in my schedule for client billable time. We were delinquent on our vehicle payments and facing repossession, and were unable to pay our property taxes and regular monthly bills. Within two weeks, I received a client who paid over $1500.00 for backlog work and now is a regular monthly client. Two weeks after that, I received another client that provided a tremendous amount of work for me. It has been about six weeks since I received the grid; I am now in the position of being able to choose between clients and am fully billed."
--Donna-Michelle Werner, Electrical Engineer/Accountant
Pipe Creek, Texas

"The money grid has helped tremendously with my family practice clinic---more steady--not seasonal (or sneezonal in my case); better payer mix as for the insurances; and I now have another massage
therapist subletting ---lowering overhead. Now the self worth one---whoa---kicking major butt---when in med school---one is in a perpetual adolescence more or less---do this, take that test---and somewhere in the middle life happens. Consequently after residency while I was 29 I felt more like 19---now
I had to become street smart. Looking back over the past 10 years--especially when my folks were dying---I now see how I allowed myself to be taken for granted and realize---'hey--I don't always have to
pick the short stick!' Long story short---especially in the past month---those who do not support me in my higher/greater good---best wishes, but 'out ya go!" -
--Jennifer Laing MD, Sherman, Texas

"Kris wrote 2 grids for me last December to help me get the funding I need to pay for college. Two weeks later I got a check for $3400.00 and 3 months later I was offered full tuition to complete my
Bachelors Degree and to pay for flight school!"
--ZL San Antonio, TX

"The Light Language cash grids are awesome. They work so well together. I can see the results showing up in my life and am truly grateful. Lots of little things have come up, like rebates, $5 off at the grocery store, coupons, etc. Big things are in the works in terms of job and project opportunities. Maybe a big windfall is on the way! Thank you Kris!" -
-- Kim K., Austin, Texas

Do Light Language Grids really work?

What do I need to know to study Light Language?
At the Beginning level we use 7-shaped sequences and consciously create what we desire in our lives. Learn to recognize how we use color and geometry in our every day language, thoughts, and behavior. Make instant and long-lasting changes in yourself and your environment with the 7-shape grids. Change the energy of a building, a room, or your office. Learn how to put magic in food like in the movie Chocolat. This course builds a firm foundation in Light Language.
Investment $83.......Includes: 46 page book
Write 49 shape grids for your self and others to create LOVE, CASH, LIFE PURPOSE and more. Write humanitarian grids to support communities, the environment and the earth. Learn powerful grids for the healing of over 200 dis-eases. ( LL I Required)
Investment $333   Includes: 400+ page book
Learn advanced sequences of 80 SACRED GEOMETRIES and 144 COLORS to create new blueprints for your life. Learn powerful grid work for healing of life challenging dis-eases. Create God grids to serve the world. (LL I & II required)
Investment $1500   Includes: 4 manuals, over 800 pages
LL I - Beginning
LL II - Intermediate
LL III - Advanced
"When I asked Kris to write Light Language Grids to attract money and success into my life, I had just quit my law practice to follow a spiritual path and to become an alternative holistic healer. I had just taken Kris' Divine Intervention class and knew that I had a lot of talent, but I was floundering on how to make money at it. Shortly after Kris wrote the grids, I was picked by our lineage holder to apprentice with her and become a Master Healer and Teacher. This is an incredible opportunity for me and I will be literally traveling the world teaching healing and metaphysics. Now that is what I call a powerful grid. Thanks Kris!" -
--James R.
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